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Notre Dame College’s online B.A. in Emergency Management and Policy Studies program teaches you how to plan for and manage complex emergencies and catastrophic events. With a focus on risk management, hazard mitigation planning and building resilient communities, our program prepares you for dynamic fields of employment in both the public and private sectors.

Given the field’s need for strong leaders who understand the reasoning in tactical response plans, our program delivers an interdisciplinary approach that builds the range of skills you need to be truly effective. You can graduate in as little as two years, emerging as a leader who can mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and man-made emergencies.

Designed for flexibility, our online programs make it easier to balance your life and work commitments while taking classes. We also offer a generous transfer credit policy so that eligible students can finish faster.

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Gain the Skills Needed in an Emergency

The Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management and Policy Studies (EMPS) from NDC provides students with a range of knowledge about public safety issues, human behavior in times of crisis, cultural considerations in an emergency, and government agencies’ role in disaster response.

In this program, you will learn from experienced professionals with a variety of backgrounds in public safety, emergency management, and government. State-of-the-art software training will let onduct crisis simulations, create after-action reports and improve crisis decision-making. An Emergency Management Policy Studies Internship wlll provide you with an internship experience in an agency or organization of your choosing. This course may be waived for those with significant experience in the field.

Courses you may take in this program include:

This course provides an overview of emergency management in the United States. Topics covered include the history and philosophy of emergency management, the four phases of the emergency management cycle and the role of agencies at federal, state and local levels with an emphasis on natural, technological and terrorism hazards.

Disaster recovery is the last phase in the emergency management cycle. It is a complex process that involves the whole community of public, private and non-governmental organizations. This course will examine the foundations for disaster relief and recovery including the planning stages of recovery, resources used and formation of public/private partnerships for recovery action and resource allocation.

An examination of the origins of terrorism and its evolution in order to develop an understanding of the roots, development and impact of contemporary worldwide terrorism, especially in the United States. Special attention will be given to methods of recruitment, terrorist methodology and how terrorists use traditional and social media to achieve their goals. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or departmental permission.

This course will examine the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) and the politics involved in the efforts to ensure the safety and security of our nation. Topics presented include: all-hazards emergency response and recovery, intelligence and counterterrorism, border security, transportation safety and security, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. Prerequisite: Junior standing or departmental permission.

The Right Support for Your Journey

Notre Dame College Online offers dedicated support for every step of your education. Our enrollment team makes it easier to continue your academic journey, and our advisors and exceptional faculty provide expert guidance to help you thrive when classes begin. With our career services center’s résumé and interview assistance, you can stand out for the job you want after graduation.

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Emergency Management Careers

With the ongoing threat of climate change and continued concerns about terrorist attacks and other emergencies, the field of emergency management and policy studies is growing in importance. While there are relevant career paths within private organizations, our current and past students have interned or started positions with the federal government, such as with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Professionals who complete our online bachelor’s degree in emergency management and policy studies program can also seek roles with police and fire departments, state and local governments, school districts, universities and colleges, port authorities and airports, hospitals and long-term care facilities, private businesses and nonprofit disaster relief organizations.

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When it comes to flexibility and quality, Notre Dame College raises the bar. Our online programs let you attend classes where you want, gaining practical experience in a highly convenient format. As a result, you can meet your personal commitments while building professional qualifications. Our online programs also offer the same academic excellence and access to exceptional faculty as our on-campus options.

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