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Develop the skills to protect and serve at a higher level with Notre Dame College’s online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program. Our online program provides the training needed to become proficient in criminal justice topics, boost your earning potential and make a more significant impact during your career. Our experienced faculty instill competencies applicable to local law enforcement and beyond with courses in homeland security, criminology and white-collar crime.

Notre Dame College offers an accelerated path to advanced criminal justice skills. Designed for police officers who have completed or are currently enrolled in police academy training, our Badge to Grad program lets you transfer up to 30 credit hours toward a B.A. in Criminal Justice or the following programs:

  • B.A. in Cybersecurity
  • B.A. in Emergency Management
  • B.A. in Intelligence Studies
  • B.A. in Business Administration – Management
  • B.A. in Psychology

Designed for flexibility, our online programs make it easier to balance your life and work commitments while taking classes. We also offer a generous transfer credit policy so that eligible students can finish faster.

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Gain the Skills to Go From Badge to Grad

Notre Dame College Online is especially proud of the faculty who lead your journey. As industry experts, they provide exceptional personal and professional support throughout your program. Faculty members include published homeland security author Dr. Kelley A. Pesch-Cronin and others with advanced academic training in law enforcement. You’ll explore topics such as victimology, criminal justice policy analysis, and white-collar crime.

Courses you take in this program include:

This course provides an overview of the American criminal justice system, emphasizing the “system,” its legal actors and political constraints. The course will cover the historical development and will familiarize students with the functions, structure and organization of those criminal justice agencies responsible for the administration of justice in the United States.

This course provides an analysis of the principles of criminal law and those concepts focusing on both the procedural aspects and substantive elements of various crimes. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or departmental permission.

This course explores the historical development, organizational structure, personnel, administration and inmate social world in the American prison system. Also studied are the areas of probation and parole and their place in the overall concept of rehabilitation and community corrections. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or departmental permission.

This course provides an overview of the scientific study of victimology and the rediscovery of crime victims by the current justice system. Emphasis is placed on victims’ rights and the criminal justice response to the plight of the victim. Prerequisite: junior standing or departmental permission.

The Right Support for Your Journey

Notre Dame College Online offers dedicated support for every step of your education. Our enrollment team makes it easier to continue your academic journey, and our advisors and exceptional faculty provide expert guidance to help you thrive when classes begin. With our career services center’s résumé and interview assistance, you can stand out for the job you want after graduation.

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Take Your Law Enforcement Career to the Next Level

Notre Dame College’s B.A. in Criminal Justice program prepares you to rise in the ranks of your police department or qualify for careers at the federal level. Our faculty includes law enforcement professionals with former service in the FBI and other agencies — learn from their experience as you prepare for careers where you can make a difference, such as:

Flexible Without Sacrificing Quality

When it comes to flexibility and quality, Notre Dame College raises the bar. Our online programs let you attend classes where you want, gaining practical experience in a highly convenient format. As a result, you can meet your personal commitments while building professional qualifications. Our online programs also offer the same academic excellence and access to exceptional faculty as our on-campus options.

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